How to install React Native with Typescript

I'll show how to install React Native with Typescript

When you need to install some dependence in your project you can use:

npx --ignore-existing ....

It allows you to get the new version from npm package without look for your node_modules/bin that was installed in your operational system.

I had issues with that when I attempt to install React Native with Typescript!

I tried:

npm uninstall -g react-native-cli

and this:

yarn global add @react-native-community/cli

And nothing worked for me, then I saw this answer:

So, I googled about npx --ignore-existing

and I got this:

--ignore-existing - If this flag is set, npx will not look in $PATH , or in the current package's node_modules/.bin for an existing version before deciding whether to install. Binaries in those paths will still be available for execution, but will be shadowed by any packages requested by this install.


Then, I tried:

npx --ignore-existing react-native init MyApp --template react-native-template-typescript

And it works \o/! But it spends more time because it grabs all content on the Internet, doesn't look for your cache files.

Now your project React Native will be installed without a problem, you can run:

cd MyApp && yarn ios 


cd MyApp && yarn android 

For install in the ios simulator or android emulator.

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