How to keep your repository updated with main project

How to keep your repository updated with main project

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Hello, follow this step-by-step:

Add a new remote, you can call it ‘upstream’:

git remote add upstream

Receive all the branches of this new remote like the ‘upstream/master’ for example:

git fetch upstream

Make sure if you are in the branch master:

git checkout master

Rewrite your branch master, the way which yours commit which aren’t in the main project appear and your commits stay top of the list.

git rebase upstream/master

If you don’t want rewrite the historic of your branch master (maybe because someone already did cloned), so you should replace the last command for this:

git merge upstream/master

However, for making which news pull requests stay cleaner, the good idea to do the rebase. If you did rebase of you branch from the upstream/master, maybe you need to force a push for yourself repository of Github. You can do it:

git push -f origin master

You will need to do it, with ‘-f’ only one time you do a rebase.

I hope to help you!

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